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To instill a spiritual atmosphere, the Priests and pilgrim leaders will be leading hymns, litanies, Rosaries, songs and meditations throughout the day. If you wish to spend time in silent contemplation, you may like to walk near the back of the group so you are not disturbed. A Priest is usually available at the back for confession or spiritual guidance on the road. There will be appropriate breaks for conversation.

Basic meals are provided during the Pilgrimage however we do encourage you to bring your own snacks for along the route and to supplement meals. If you have any specific dietary requirements, please contact us prior so arrangements can be made.

The Pilgrimage is physically arduous however there are support vehicles available if you need a short break.

Portaloos are available at regular intervals along the road and at all breaks.

Sorry to hear that, but please, unite yourself with the pilgrims during the three days by joining us in prayer. You may also like to consider making a donation towards the Christus Rex Society or to assist in sponsoring a Priest, seminarian or religious to attend the Pilgrimage

We encourage families to attend and for parents to bring their children. Parts of the route are not accessible for pushing prams however we run a Children’s Chapter for most parts of the Pilgrimage. During other time the support vehicles will be available for any small children who cannot walk the whole way.

Yes. Please register for the one or two day options through the registration form.

The Pilgrimage is a walking pilgrimage and is physically arduous. Although there will be assistance for any injuries from the St Johns Ambulance volunteers, individuals with medical conditions should seek the advice of their doctor before registering. If you are attending and have any medical issues, please note this on your registration form and make sure the committee are aware.

The Pilgrims Primer contains all the hymns, litanies, prayers for the duration of the Pilgrimage. It also contains important information about some of the sites we visit over the course of the Pilgrimage. If you have a version from previous years feel free to bring that with you or purchase a copy when you register online.

Yes, there are both credit card and cash facilities available at the Registrations Desk on Thursday night.